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3 min readNov 1, 2021

Meraki will be the first Generative Art Platform on Polygon, and the first Generative Art platform to offer part ownership and profit sharing to token holders. Our upcoming token sale will be held on November 12 and hosted by Gravity Finance.

Meraki, from it’s inception, is a project that not only wants to push the boundaries of what’s possible in generative art but also a project that cares about it’s artists and the collectors of the artist’s work.

We are also focused on building a strong community of like minded people to join in the platform’s success. Today we are excited to announce several new initiatives and promotions, all running in the leadup to our IDO.

Introducing the Meraki Star Token.

To the first 5,000 members who join our Discord on or before the 26th of November (join here: we are giving away, for FREE, a NFT called the Star Token. This token, whose art will be done by an amazing generative artist (TBA), will come with some special utility:

  1. Exclusive artist drops only accessible by holders of the Star Token. These are special exclusive pieces that will only be available to purchase by holders of the Star Token.
  2. Special Exclusive Airdrops.
    By holding a Meraki Star token you’ll get the Star role in Discord. This will give access to channels specifically for Meraki Stars where we’ll share info on how to receive exclusive airdrops.

Further to the above, we will also be running the following two promotions:

  1. Any discord member who joins on or before November 9th 10:30pm EST, and who holds a token from one of the following projects, will get the Super Star role and go into the running for 1 of 5 token giveaways consisting of 50k ($400 value at current prices) GFI (Gravity Finance):
    Pixel Vault
    Cool Cats
    Crazy Crows Chess Club
    Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult
    Wicked Craniums
    Boring Bananas
    Non-Fungible Heroes
    Space Shibes
    ADDY (Adamant): min required 75
    BELUGA (Beluga Finance): min required 2.5
    KOGECOIN (Kogecoin): min required 1,600
    NFTM (Augury): min required 250
    GFI (Gravity Finance): min required 70,000
    BANANA (Ape Swap): min required 270
    CRYSTAL (Polycrystal Finance): min required 1,300
  2. The top Five members who invite the highest number of people to our discord prior to the IDO will also receive 50k ($400 value at current prices) GFI (Gravity Finance).
    This is promotion is open to EVERYONE. Any evidence of bots or unnatural looking invitation numbers will lead to disqualification period.

About Gravity Finance and our IDO

By winning 50k GFI, not only will you own part of an Innovative DeFi platform, but 50k GFI also makes you eligible for a Gravity Tier 1 holder benefits, allowing early access to our IDO.

All GFI giveaways will be finalized on the 10th November!

We plan to benefit the collectors and artists in the most meaningful ways we can and we hope this is just the beginning.

We look forward to meeting you in Discord and on the digital canvas.

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