Meraki IDO — How To Buy

Wondering how to buy into the Meraki IDO? Buying into the Meraki IDO gives you ownership of the Meraki platform.

Buying your first NFT on Polygon requires following a small handful of steps. We are going to try our very best to get you set up. If you have any questions at all, please join our Discord and ask away!

IMPORTANT: This works best on a desktop or laptop computer. It will be much more difficult from your phone!!!

  • Set up a MetaMask wallet and make sure you have ETH in your wallet (do not bring $MATIC into your wallet from an exchange, it will not be useful
    for this purchase).
Connect your wallet
After you connect your wallet
  • This step takes about 10 minutes, and you will incur a small gas fee. To save a few dollars, try to do this during off-hours. NOTE: You’ll need to switch back to Ethereum Mainnet in your MetaMask for this step to work.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD: There’s also a way to bring in Polygon assets from, thus bypassing the bridge. We haven’t tried it, but you can learn about it more HERE on Youtube.

ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Some have shared positive reviews about buying Polygon ETH (make sure it’s the purple one, not the pink one) directly at Opensea with a credit card via Moonpay. Click the small wallet icon in the top-right of the Opensea screen to explore this method.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT send any leftover WETH back to an exchange (like, for example, Coinbase). It will not show up there. It must first be unwrapped into normal ETH via the Polygon Bridge we talked about earlier.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT ever give your seed phrase to anyone. And don’t answer unsolicited communications about anything crypto-related.



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