Meraki — A Generative Art Platform


Meraki leverages Chainlink VRF technology to guarantee true randomness to creators and collectors of generative artwork.

  • Shared contracts are vulnerable — anyone can change the metadata of NFTs produced from a shared contract at any time, meaning the NFT can substantially change in nature without the approval of either the creator or the collector;
  • What are the other benefits of the creator contract?
  • Share responsibility — creators can give administrative access to trusted individuals;
  • Whitelists — creators can use Meraki’s in-built whitelist functionality to reserve NFTs for certain collectors;
  • Breeding — creators can leverage Meraki’s latest technology to merge NFTs to create an altogether different NFT;
  • Evolving NFTs — creators can design their NFTs to improve or deteriorate over time;
  • Define ownership — creators can permit their collectors to name collected work officially on the blockchain.



The first Generative Art platform on the Polygon Blockchain

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